How to clean up after an iframe hack

Hackers apparently never sleep, so I spend much of yesterday cleaning up from a hacker attack on several of my sites. This particular hack is quite “successful” since there is very little to indicate to the site’s users or administrators that a hack has occurred.  In the background your site could be spewing porn or gambling links to Google, or serving up malware to your customers.

At the Dabbled blog today, I did a writeup on symptoms that your site has been hacked in this manner, solutions for cleanup, and resources you can use if this happens to you.

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And everyone:

First off, everyone should do regular spyware checks on your computer. Yes, even if you have a mac.  Yes, even though you already run a virus scan.   There are a bunch of programs out there, but I typically use Spybot Search & Destroy and AdAware. They are both free for personal use. And if you use IE I recommend switching to Firefox. The ad blocking and script blocking add-ons will save you headaches. Also, if you’re using version 8 or below of Acrobat Reader, upgrade to version 9.

New site design for Grieg Wehr Photography

From 2009: Our  latest new website is out, this one for friend of Dabbled|Studios, Atlanta GA photographer Grieg Wehr.  Grieg is our primary source for stock and custom photography for websites we design (including the fabulous dandelion photos you see here on the Dabbled|Studios website), so of course I highly recommend his work!   His new website features a minimalistic design, with a lovely intro slideshow which links to his primary gallery pages, and nifty flash galleries of his wedding and portrait work.   View the site at

New website: Grieg Wehr Photography

New website: Grieg Wehr Photography

Favorite WordPress Plugins for Controlling Spam

Spam is such a fact of life on the web these days, but there is a myriad of ways to combat it too. And while not much will stop a dedicated human spammer, there are some good tools out there for at least minimizing the hassle.

What do I typically use/recommend?

Comment Spam:

  • WP Captcha Free – A non-captcha solution, so no irritating box for your readers to fill out prior to commenting.  Simple to use/install.

Trackback Spam:

  • Simple Trackback Validation – Stops trackback spam either by sending suspicious trackbacks to moderation, or deleting them altogether.  Personally, I like to set it to just delete suspicious trackbacks, so I don’t have to deal with them, but log the deletions so I can check occasionally and make sure that it’s not being overzealous.

More Resources

There are some good lists of anti-spam tools for WordPress out there, so if you want more ideas, try: is live!

Although there are a few more enhancements to add, just wanted to announce the new website for our client, Linda Sands, an Atlanta GA author.

I love the muted, old fashioned tones on this one, very reflective of her new book.  And no boring, static site for Linda… this site is set up to be so easy for her to add her writing samples and new work, without any techie involvement.  Dynamic content, and an integrated blog, will allow Linda to connect with her readers, and potential readers out there.

So, go check it out! website

Welcome to the updated Dabbled|Studios site!

Life gets busy, and suddenly you realize that you’ve been building cool websites for other people, but your own is sorely in need of help…

So this is version 1.0 of the new site… hope you enjoy! This is built on WordPress, and I think you’ll agree it looks nothing like a blog.

Still to come…
-I’ll be updating the Photography & Illustration section with some galleries, including some Creative Commons licensed items which you can use for free.
-An “About” Page
-Minor bug fixes – I’ve found a few, let me know if you see any more!

Glad you stopped by! And to stay updated, be sure to grab the Feed!