Shyamdas Foundation: An archive of works

Adding an Archive of Works, Fundraising, and other features to the website of the Shyamdas Foundation.

The Shyamdas Foundation is an international foundation dedicated to preserving the works of Shyamdas (1953-2013), who was a pioneer in bringing Indian devotional and yogic traditions to the West.   They had an existing website which was used as a base, but over the course of several projects we have improved the functionality and mobile friendliness of the original site.  We also added archives functionality, both storage (cloud storage utilizing Amazon AWS to store a large number of video, audio, text files and photos) as well as forms and integration to allow members to submit their own archive items, to grow the archive.  Additional features include integrated fundraising functionality (using Ignition Deck) and membership features.

In 2015 we added new functionality to the homepage, and also integrated Event Espresso v4 for Event Management.