Josh Levs: Author, Keynote Speaker, & Consultant

When your business changes, your website should reflect all aspects.

When Josh first came to us a few years ago, he needed a website to promote his new book.   Fast forward a few years and his brand has now expanded to include a great deal of speaking engagements and business consulting, in addition to his book.  It made sense to pivot his website to focus on Josh’s consulting and expertise first, and his book as a subset of the site.

We expanded the site to include videos (such as his speaking to the UN), reviews and testimonials of his speaking engagements, a more extensive bio, upcoming events, and more.  The original custom homepage became the landing page for the book, but a new custom homepage covers all aspects of Josh’s work, & highlights his press in various publications.    It’s easy for Josh to add new press articles as they come out, or to add new testimonials or reviews.  We kept his branding, which still felt fresh, but updated the look to be a little stronger.