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Design Services & Content Development: United Charitable

Home page hero image United Charitable.

Although we both design and build sites, sometimes we partner with companies that already have a development team, but need a fresh eye on their site design.  United Charitable had a current website, and had been working for a while on a redesign, but felt they were spinning their wheels.  We worked closely with their team to develop their messaging and their content, sourcing the right photos and editing and developing text.   Our designer worked with them to develop a fresh and clean site design that updated their brand.  Wireframes, prototypes, content and designs were handed off to their development team for implementation on their website.

Prototyping and interior page design

Prototyping and interior page design


Home page during design

Design of Home page in process


2021 Essential Theatre Redesign

Essential Theatre is one of our favorite non-profit theatre groups, and they’ve been a client for many years.  We recently had an opportunity to redesign their website.  Obviously right now we can’t highlight the annual festival, but, the site is set up for that when they are ready.  Until then, we’re showing off classes, the playwriting contest, previous performances, and so forth.


Essential Theatre Home page after redesign


full home page essential theatre

BrainShape gets a fresh look, and a new domain for 2021

As time progresses and your business shifts, we make changes to our websites to meet business needs.  But after a while many small changes can add up to a look that isn’t as cohesive as we’d like!  For long time client BrainShape, a refresh was in order.  We did a quick turnaround refresh project that included a fresh look, updates to functionality, and minor fixes and improvements, and also updated the domain name.  If you’re in Northern Virginia and in need of neurofeedback or hypnosis, check out the new!

Drag the slider below to see the before and after of the home page! 2021 refresh


Recent Projects: Set 2 Fitness!

We’ve been crazy busy!  Just launched this week, a fun and vibrant website for Set2 Fitness.   A memorable and useful website is super important to making a splash with a new business, and Lorna’s is a great example of a simple website and blog that stands out from the crowd with an atypical grid based design.  And if you’re looking for a personalized training experience in intown Atlanta, you should check them out!




Grounded Kids Yoga

Grounded Kids is a company that provides yoga programs all over the country, with a variety of programs for kids and for teachers.  The website redesign was an extensive project including a large number of custom pages each with a custom design.  Functionality includes a training calendar with the ability to book classes, a teacher directory, an e-commerce shop, blog, and an extensive private membership site with training materials.


New projects added to the Portfolio!

Check out some of the last few months’ work!

FitWit: Gym & Fitness Camp in Atlanta GA

Get a taste of Dewberry’s Kitchen

Oculofacial Plastic Surgeons Of Georgia

Lee Harrington Mantra Music will get you inspired..

New in 2017: Yes, You Can Dance!

Yes, You Can Dance!, based in the Pittsburgh, PA area, is a non-profit organization dedicated to transforming lives through the power of dance, working with seniors and individuals with special needs.  It’s a wonderful organization that we had worked with before on a website and branding.  They were still happy with their branding, but it was time to freshen up the look of the site and add some new features.


A new year, a new look for author & speaker, Josh Levs

We had a great time creating a website for Josh Levs’s book “All In” last year.  A noted author, keynote speaker, and consultant, Josh’s business needs changed, and so he asked us for some new features and functions, and a new homepage look, highlighting his speaking engagements.   We kept the same branding and generally look and feel, but added videos, new features, and a brand new layout to the site.

Check out the Project in our Portfolio!

See the website at


SportWaiver: Sports Law Consulting with Article Archive

Sport Risk Consulting does speaking engagements, waiver & release consulting, and writes books and articles related to waivers and releases of liability in sports. is their blog and website which contains years of articles and blog posts about waiver and release cases and other sports law related items. They needed a news style website to promote their consulting & books.

2016 websites: Kemper Physical Therepy goes responsive

We created a website for Beth Kemper, a pelvic physical therapist in Decatur, GA, many years ago, in the days before the ubiquitousness of mobile devices.  Today every website we build is mobile friendly and responsive, but not so in the ‘old days’!  Beth still loved the look of her website–the design had stood the test of time– but it needed to work better for today’s devices.  So we built Beth a new site, using all the most recent coding standards, but keeping her signature look and feel.



Adam Properties: Property Management with a retro feel

Adam Properties is an Atlanta office/warehouse properties investment, leasing and property management company. Their website showcases their available properties with a little bit of a retro vibe.

2015 Websites: Find The Beloved: Sign up and take courses

Find The Beloved is a courses website built based on the Sensai product from Woo.

We developed the peacock logo and branding based on the idea of traditional Indian woodcut prints.

Gabrielli LaChiara: Event Management, Social Community

Gabrielli LaChiara is a Massachusetts based counselor and teacher specializing in healing and transformation for both individuals and institutions. The features of Gabrielli’s new website include event booking and management using Event Espresso, and a customized Buddypress installation to provide social networking and community features and allow her to serve custom on-line content for students of the various classes that she teaches.  Buddypress Group features are used to serve the right content to the right students.  Site is fully responsive and mobile friendly.

As part of the website design, we also provided a logo.

1 Gabrielli-LaChiara

Shannon Goines, Artist

Artist Portfolio site with casual Southern style.

Shannon Goines is a talented Atlanta artist, whose work can be found in many homes and galleries around Atlanta and the South. Shannon wanted a portfolio website that would professionally showcase her style, with a focus on her paintings.


Dharma Boutique: E-commerce Site on the BigCommerce platform

Dharma Boutique is an online shop specializing in fair trade goods from Asia.  The shop was built on the BigCommerce E-commerce platform, and features a rotating slideshow, plus an extensively categorized selection of merchandise



2013 was a busy year, and I neglected to post some of the cool projects that were completed in 2013!  Without further ado, flip through this slideshow to see a few of them:

For more on each of these:

Beverage Superstore of Grayson: A new site for a new store

New Website for a new location: Beverage Superstore of Grayson

Beverage Superstore was opening a sister location in Grayson, Georgia, and needed a new website. Although the original locations had a website, it was dated and difficult to maintain. We took this opportunity to update the branding, design a new website that was as fresh as the new store. Features a rotating front page specials section, as well as Facebook page news integration prominently displayed on the front page. New branding was extended to a new mailing list (using Mailchimp) as well.

A Brand New Red Rocket Farm! (Art, Animation, and Webcomic site)

Red Rocket Farm is the main site for Jason Thomas, artist, creator and animator of Cradle Me Sky, and author of Free Drawings for Total Strangers. This site features Jason’s wonderful artwork, rotating front page billboards highlighting content throughout the site, and a Cradle Me Sky subsite. Our first stage of this project was simply to build the Cradle Me Sky site. Phase 2 was just completed, adding the main Red Rocket Farm site, as well as a webcomic-like section for Free Drawings for total strangers, and the Farm Blog.